Relationship Based

Our program’s model is relationship based, meaning services are aimed at supporting the caregiver-child relationship. Our program values the relationship as the foundation for supporting development. Relationships are a means through which a child learns to communicate with others, regulate his or her emotions, and establish a foundation for complex thinking and social interaction. Developmental relationship-based services focus on enhancing the caregiver-child relationship to support a child’s movement through developmental levels.

Coaching Model

As the parent or caregiver, you are with your child the most. REACH’s Infant Learning Program uses a coaching model for delivering services. During your visits, your early intervention provider will give you the tools to support your child’s development beyond our visit time. As a parent or caregiver you know your child best. We work together as a team to find the best interventions that fit with your family.


Our program knows infants and toddlers do best in a familiar environment. Because of this, our services are provided in your child’s natural environment. This is primarily at your home. Other natural environments for young children include daycare, the playground, turf for tots, etc. REACH does have a play room for those times your home and other natural environments are not available.