REACH ILP will gradually begin in person services based on our Mitigation Plan submitted to the State ILP Office. Virtual Services remain the primary service delivery for our program throughout the implementation of this plan. As shared by the State of Alaska ILP Office, close to 70% of Part C programs across the country continue to rely on distance delivery.

As REACH ILP implements our safety plan, the goal is to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 to your family and the REACH ILP staff. For the majority of families, this means continuing with the telehealth services you are currently receiving. For other families, it may mean exploring a combination of telehealth and outside visits. Your family service coordinator will discuss the options that may be available to your family as well as update you on the REACH ILP Phase.

How are in-person Visits determined?

  • The REACH ILP Phase Level
  • Through discussion with your family service coordinator


What indicators are used to determine the REACH ILP Phase?

  • Alaska Department of Health and Social Services Infant Learning Program Office
  • State of Alaska Juneau Alert Level
  • Number of available ILP staff
  • Personal Protective Equipment Supply Level
  • CBJ EOC Community risk
  • Community Infection Level
  • Vaccination Availability
  • COVID-19 Testing Turn Around times

These metrics are reviewed every two weeks to determine the REACH ILP Phase level. Please know, there may be a need to move to a different phase sooner if conditions present themselves. If this impacts your next visit, your family service coordinator will contact you.


What services are available in the REACH ILP phases?

ILP Phase Services
Phase 1 Virtual Services Only

No travel to Outlying Communities

Phase 2 Virtual Services Primary

Limited Clinic and Outside Services with ILP Director Approval

Pre and Post Covid Tested if traveling to Outlying Communities

Phase 3 Virtual Services Primary

Outside Services

Outside Services at Childcare Approved

Limited Clinic & In Home upon Approval by ILP Director

Travel upon approval by ILP Director

Phase 4 Virtual Services Primary

Outside, Clinic, Childcare & In Home locations
allowed without approval

Follow In-Person Safety Protocols and use of PPE

Travel upon approval by ILP Director



Considerations for In-person Visits:

  1. How comfortable is your family with returning to in-person visits?
  2. What is your preference for ILP visits at this time?
  3. In-person visits will involve the provider and adult caregivers wearing masks. How might this impact the services your family receives?
  4. Is your family able to follow the REACH ILP Safety Protocols?


Preparing for an in-person visit:

  1. Sign an in-person service visit agreement
  2. Pass the REACH Health Screening Questionnaire no more than 24 hours prior to your visit
  3. Have a temperature less than 100.3o F at the start of the visit.


At this time, REACH ILP is operating in Phase 4.  Please contact your family service coordinator or me directly to discuss next steps or any questions you may have. We ask for your patience as we begin offering hybrid services.