REACH ILP is excited to offer services via telehealth! What does this mean for your family?

Telehealth visits, similar to face to face home visits, focus on supporting parents and caregivers in integrating developmental strategies into your everyday routines. For young children, learning takes place in every day routines like mealtime, floor time playing, outside exploring, etc. with their parent or caregivers. Your family service coordinator may recommend trying different strategies during these routines to support your child’s and family’s goals.

Visits may also include connecting your family with community supports, supporting transition from our program when your child turns 3 years old, discussing future visits, and checking in periodically  with how telehealth sessions are meeting your family and child’s needs.


How should I set up the visit?

You ILP provider will join your family in whatever routine you’re currently engaged in with your child- playing inside on the floor, having a snack, at the beach, in the backyard, playing with water in the sink, etc. The wonderful part of development is that it is integrated in many things you already do with your child. Your ILP provider will adapt and support you in integrating language, motor, sensory, beginning thinking, self help, or social-emotional strategies into these routines.

What about connecting via video?

Find a place in the room to prop your device if possible. Being able to see you interact with you child is most helpful.

What if my child does not sit still for the video?

We know young children love to move. It is so important for their development and sensory system to explore and move. It’s typical for a child to move in and out throughout the session. Placing your camera propped on a shelf of counter or the floor for a wider view may be helpful. The ILP provider may ask you to move the camera if necessary.

What if telehealth is not working for your family?

Reach out to your family service coordinator to ask about other options they are able to offer you. Check ins over the phone, shorter video sessions, other hand out resources, etc. We’re here to support you and your child through this process.

Are you curious about telehealth?

Check out this great video from Programs for Infants and Children (PIC) in Anchorage. Thank you PIC for allowing us to share this video!

Here is another video on pediatric therapy via telehealth from Good Morning America!